Wild Acre
An acre for every camper
An income for every landowner


The United Kingdom is made up of 60 million acres of land and has a population of over 66 million people, that's an acre of land for every camper.

At Wild Acre we're re-defining what a campsite should offer campers. Our countryside locations have amazing views, the freedom to pitch your tent where you want and a chance to get back to nature. 

 For Campers
We believe that somewhere along the way, camping has strayed off the path. It's gone from travel
light and leave no trace, to 30KG inflatable tents, luxury shower blocks and gas barbecues. 
If you are looking for a more primitive, authentic camping experience, a field in the middle of nowhere
on a piece of private land with a cold tap, then Wild Acre is for you.


 For Landowners

There are thousands of new and regular campers in the UK looking for campsites with little or no facilities. They understand and respect the Leave No Trace policy, and appreciate that they should pay a small and fair fee for the opportunity to do this legitimately.
Our hassle-free platform allows you as a landowner to list your land and earn an income legally from our network of responsible campers, without needing planning permission or permits, and for up to 56 non-consecutive days per year.