How it works

How it works

Wild Acre is a new platform for landowners and campers

Our platform provides an easy method for landowners to display land available to campers to rent, and a safe way to earn booking revenue. ​


Landowners can list their two man tent pitches with pictures, information, availability and price, and then be notified when bookings are made. 

Campers are able to browse listed sites, select a pitch and complete the booking, all via Wild Acre.


We encourage campers to camp light, quickly gaining an appreciation for the value of everything they bring. This stripped-back movement offers its own challenges, but also a real sense of achievement which members can share in.

The Wild Acre policy is to Leave No Trace. Unfortunately those who do not adhere to this policy will not be able to book with us again. We're here to support a sustainable, low impact and environmentally friendly way to camp.

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Supporting local communities

We’d like to help breathe new life into rural economies by encouraging visits to these beautiful areas. We feel everyone in the UK should enjoy the benefits that our countryside has to offer, in a sustainable and low-impact way.

We pride ourselves on community, and have pledged to support the use of local retailers in the areas visited by our members. Our ‘bring only what you need’ policy encourages the use of local farm stores and traders, injecting new revenues into the economies that need your support the most.

What's the difference between a site, a plot and a pitch?

The illustration here demonstrates how Wild Acre operates. Each landowner will have a whole site, which can then be broken down into one or a number of plots depending on the size of the site.

Each plot is situated far enough from another that you cannot see or hear another plot. A plot can be booked by between one and six people, however, they must all be in the same group. A maximum of three tents is allowed on a plot at any one time.


Each pitch contains one tent that sleeps a maximum of 2-4 people.

Landowners who list with can earn over £2856 per acre over 56 days. 

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