About Wild Acre

We're connecting landowners with campers

'Leave No Trace' camping

The United Kingdom is made up of 60 million acres of land and has a population of over 66 million people.

We believe there’s an acre of camping countryside for everyone - that landowners can hire out safely, and for campers to use lightly.

At Wild Acre we're building a new online community platform which allows responsible landowners and campers to connect – and opens up the beautiful British countryside to everyone who wishes to enjoy it respectfully.

Our online community follows a well-known countryside code: Leave No Trace. Campers are encouraged to pack light, camp light, take all litter home and generally keep their impact on the land to a bare minimum.


Camping pitches are basic, with very few amenities; only a cold running tap or a nearby stream, and possibly a self-composting toilet (if this can be provided by the landowner). This will encourage a freer and more sustainable camping experience.